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Coins of India from Mahajanpadas , Maurya, Sunga, Guptas, Sultans, Mughals , Marathas, Native States, British till Republic India

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Numismatics Studies and Coins of India

This group has been started for the sole purpose of Research and Studies in Indian Numismatics. History of coinage in India is very vast and still this field is getting bigger day by day. Our Aim is to cover the Indian Coins from Very Ancient Period to present day Republic India Coins. This is free and easily accessible resource one can use without any formality.


1 New Paisa of Republic India – Hyderabad Mint

One New Paisa

One New Paisa


Republic India – One New Paisa

Mint : Hyderabad(Split Diamond)

Obverse : Denomination in Hindi and Year

Reverse : National Emblem, India and Bharat

Year : 1959

Metal : Copper


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