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One Rupee Commemorative Coin Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi One Rupee Coin

Mahatma Gandhi One Rupee Coin

One Rupee Commemorative Coin issued on the occasion of 100 years of Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth

Denomination : 1 Rupee

Metal : Nickel

Obverse : Mahatma Gandhi’s Face encircled with his name and birth and death years

Reverse : Asoka’s Lion Capitol with legend Bharat and India above while Ek Rupya and One Rupee towards left and right semi circle.

Year : 1969

Mint : Bombay


Western Satraps/Western Kshatrapas Small Coin

Western Satrapa Small Coin

Western Kshatrapa Small Coin


Western SatrapsWestern Kshatrapas  Chastana Small Coin 

Wt : around 1.5 gms

Obverse : Crescent , Sun and Legend

Reverse : Degenerated Kings Bust

Ruler : Chastana ,  Western Kshatrapas , Ujjain

Metal : Copper/Lead Alloy

Reign : 130 AD

Incribed Coin of Parmaras of Malwa

Billon Coin of Parmaras of Malwa

Billon Coin of Parmaras of Malwa

Inscribed Billon Drachm of Earlier Parmara Rulers of Malwa

Metal : Billon

Wt : Around 4 gms

Denomination : Drachm

Obverse : Degraded Indo-Sassanian Type Bust

Reverse : Legend Sri Omkara


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